Close Board Fencing

Close board fencing or sometimes called feather board fencing is a robust fence that is built on site, by firstly excavating the correct size hole and fixing the post into a concrete foundation and then fixing Arris rails into the post followed by another post and so on.

With the nature of this kind of fencing, as it’s not a panel product but built in situ, it can be made to follow the contours of the ground, running up or down slopes, which is good if you don’t like to see steps along the top of your fence only smooth flowing lines which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Close Board Fencing

Close board with 100 x 100mm timber posts and gravel boards. The most economical type.

Close Board FencingClose board with reinforced concrete posts and gravel boards is more robust and will last longer.

As an optional extra you can have another top rail and shaped capping fitted which not only gives the fence increased strength but gives a much nicer finish to the whole job.