Palisade Fencing

Timber palisade fencing or picket fencing as it is also known is great for front gardens where privacy is not the main priority, it gives an attractive border to your property whilst stopping pedestrians from cutting through your lawn or drive to reach your neighbours front door, which can be very annoying. It is also ideal for fencing around ponds or fencing around swimming pools.

We recommend using timber morticed posts and rails and individual palings which are fixed onto the rails once they are concreted into position, this will give you that bespoke made to measure professional finish which is very sturdy, we can also get them ready made into panels, a slightly cheaper option but still of a better quality than you can get from your local DIY store. It comes in two styles of finish typically, you can have pointed tops or rounded tops whichever is your preference. We also supply picket fencing with a PAR finish which can be used for school and nursery fencing or anywhere small children are in contact with the fence.

Whichever style you choose they all come with a full compliment of gates, made to measure to any size you require to finish off your project.